Always Use Good DJ Equipment for a Successful DJ Night

Nobody wants to miss the fun out at a DJ night. This is a place we get to dance and get rid of all the stress. You can be relieved from all the tension with the few hours you spend at a DJ night. But, you need to think what goes behind a good DJ night. There needs to be good equipment if it has to be successful. A good DJ will have the best DJ equipment in town. There is a list of basic equipment that needs to be there. For example, a turntable, a sound mixer, speakers, amplifiers, a headphone, a microphone and a laptop is a must. There should also be good light equipment to brighten the venue. There should be enough sound files with the DJ. If you are the DJ and is using a laptop, it is important that you have all the files saved and according to the type of party you are going, you can choose the play list. For example, if you are doing a DJ for a teenager’s birthday party, you can choose songs from albums of Justin Bieber or Miley Cyrus or Selena Gomez among many others. You can try hip-hop or some groovy Spanish numbers or very peppy songs for the other nights that you go to. Apart from having it in your play list, it is always better if you have them written on a CD or stored in an external hard drive. Also, a portable CD player can be used as a back-up. Sound system is a very crucial part of the DJ equipment. It consists of speakers, amplifiers and subwoofers. There are a lot of companies that provide you with good stuff. For dancing, you need real good bass and the sound system needs to be extra-ordinary. If this is not good, the whole point of the dance night just goes away. There is a lot of screaming involved in the night and the sound quality has to be very high so that every part of the venue gets the best of the sound available. Another important part is the DJ mixer. You wouldn’t like to wait for the next song to start when one song finishes. That is where this equipment comes into play. It is an electronic device and enables smooth switching over to the next song. A DJ goes unidentified without the headphone and a microphone. A headphone is important because this enables the DJ to listen to the next song when the other one is already been played. He/she can choose which song to play according to the status of the dancers. A microphone is not always used. But, to interact with the dancers, there is no better option. You can also improvise the sound you play by using special devices like an equalizer, or a chorus or other modern units. A turntable can be used to give good sound effects. Scratches, needle drops, juggling of the beat, spinning etc are widely preferred by all age groups.

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