Malignancy Insurance

Malignancy is by definition is a group of diseases in which cells are intense (grow and divide without esteem to normal limits), invasive (invade and destroy adjacent tissues), and sometimes metastatic (spread to other locations in the body). The reason of those cells to become aggressive, invade and spread are unknown at this time. There is also a theory that everyone has these cells in their bodies. The question is what causes these cells to become aggressive in one person and not another. Some theories point to environmental and chemical related causes. Nobody knows for sure if these cells will become aggressive in their bodies. The need for Cancer Insurance is essential, because of the unknown element of who will develop cancer in their life. I will discuss the different benefits of the insurance and how it relates to health insurance.

There are lots of benefits of Cancer insurance ranging from in hospital or outpatient treatments, transportation/lodging, surgical procedures and extended care. The very first benefit is the different treatments for cancer like radiation, chemotherapy and experimental. The second benefit is ambulance service, air ambulance, privative full-time nursing and lodging / transportation to specialists in different states. The next benefit is surgical procedures like reconstructive and prosthesis. The last benefit is skilled nursing care, home medical care and hospice. The amounts paid from Cancer insurance for these benefits are based on four different levels. The insured picks which level they want depending on their experiences. Gleam cancer screening benefit that covers a test for the prevention of cancer. The benefit ranging from twenty five dollars to 1 hundred and twenty five dollars annually.

The question I am asked a lot is why have Cancer insurance if my health insurance pays for these different treatments for cancer.
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Health insurance does pay for these treatments, but it does not pay for all the costs of the treatments. For example , some health insurance plans don’t pay for experimental treatments that may be very expensive. Heath insurance may not buy costs related to traveling to a specialist in another part of the country. I would not endorse dropping your health insurance and take the Cancer insurance. I do recommend having Cancer insurance to supplement your health insurance. The question of who should have Cancer insurance is based on someone’s own concerns.

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