Vertical Blinds Track Camouflage – Valances

If we were to remove the interior from an extravagant automobile its appearance and high-class look would certainly disappear. Whenever purchasing vertical blinds the same principle can be applied. Like an automobile, vertical blinds include a mechanical mechanism, which even though somewhat unsightly, it is necessary for the operation of the blind. From this mechanism known as a track, moving carriers traverse the particular track and also allow the louvers in order to suspend themselves from. This system can be hidden from view with the addition of a valance.

The vertical blind tracking mechanism or track, as it is commonly referred to, is most likely made of an aluminum alloy and can be unique ordered painted, mill finish or even anodized. In the early days of top to bottom blinds, tracks were also accessible in steel however steel vertical shades tracks are not really sold anymore. Gliding plastic carriers equipped with a “clip tooth” allow the vertical louvers to freely suspend and these companies will traverse along the width of the track and will also rotate 180 degrees thus allowing the blind to spread out and close. These teeth, which are available in clear plastic, are always noticeable even with the addition of a valance.

The particular vertical blind louvers which attach to the carriers via the “clip tooth” do so via a punched hole within the material in the case of PVC louvers or even in the case of fabric louvers the material punched, folded and sewn developing a narrow pocket in which a hole punched plastic piece is inserted and then pushed into the carrier tooth where it catches the tooth clip and allow to free hang. This method allows for the uninterrupted function of the track as it traverses back and forth plus rotates open or close.

Therefore it can be said that the vertical shades does cover the opening of the window or door yet the tracking mechanism, as previously explained, will be exposed thus taking away from the beauty of the product unless a valance is used.

In order to bring a finish look to the particular vertical blind it is highly recommended to use a valance. Vertical blind valances aren’t always included as an integral part of the vertical blind albeit some companies do include it. Some businesses will charge for the valance as a way to boost profitability as this added charge could be substantial. It is for this reason that companies that include the valance as part of the “total blind” sell the majority of the vertical window blinds purchased but the consumer must be produced aware of this fact. The vertical blind valance is a very simple cover up that easily attaches to the top to bottom blind track through the mounting mounting brackets and when laminated with the louver material held in place by built in obvious edge grooves improves its look immensely.

When properly installed, the particular vertical blind valance will cover the particular vertical blind track and cover the carrier teeth where the possibly PVC or fabric louvers affix to the track. The end result is that everything is mostly seen is the free dangling louvers and the face of the valance that is laminated with the same materials used for the louvers.

In addition to the so-called standard vertical blind valance, a number of upgraded valances are also available to the consumer. These luxury valances are an update from the standard valance and will incur an extra charge by all suppliers whether purchased locally or over the Internet. These upgraded valances are available because single valances or double valances with rounded corners and edges lined with fancy materials in several colors. Although the addition of the upgraded valance will improve the final appearance from the vertical blind, there is no substitute for the correct choice of louver material, be that will PVC or fabric, the latter becoming available in hundreds of patterns and colors to match any decor. Regardless of the valance selected, it is usually laminated with the same louver material.

Before making a final decision on a vertical blind, always find out if a valance is included in the final price. If the retailer is not including one, look somewhere else before making a decision, as this shift will save you money. Remember our initial comment that buying a vertical blind is like buying an automobile without an inside. The working mechanism of the straight blind is meant to be hidden through view and meant to be included as a way to improve the final appearance of the straight blind and a way for retailers to advertise the sale of the product.
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Those customers who shop over the Internet can visualize the difference of a vertical blind along with and without a valance and pick from online retailers that offer the complete product.

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