Just what Fortune Teller?

Q: What is fortune telling? Is it exactly like psychic ability?
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Are fortune tellers legitimate, or is it a ridiculous “science” that has no real place in the modern world? And how can I find a fortune teller than I can trust?

Any of these questions sound familiar? If you are anything like the thousands of folks who enjoy our posts on psychic readings, the truth is, you probably wonder what exactly a fortune teller does, and how (or if) they differ from psychics, clairvoyants, mediums and other professional intuitives. If you’ve ever wondered exactly the same thing, this article was written with YOU in your mind!

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The simple truth is, this is somewhat of an antiquated expression that was popular hundreds of years ago, and continued to be used up into the beginning of the twentieth century. While more scientific terms like psychic, clairvoyant and ESP have been around for a while, people who had a “gift” for future predictions and premonitions were often called fortune tellers, due to their uncanny ability to foresee your “fortune”… before it happened.


Nowadays, in 2012, most genuine psychics, clairvoyants, and emotional empaths would probably NOT prefer to be called a fortune teller, simply because it has a gimmicky significance, and was often used to explain folks who read palms and crystal balls in a circus or entertainment type of atmosphere. And while of course , there were MANY amazing and well noted intuitives who did work in traveling performance troupes (often in the festival, for example) during the early 1900’s… there are many professional psychics who are ashamed by this period in our history.

How do they GET information about your future?

Good question. And through lots of different means. Some use their own clairvoyant presents to “divine” your destiny through intuition and psychic premonition. Other people use spiritual tools and methods like tarot, sage and even uric acid and other spiritually charged or significant items. Others still read auras or emotional energy, or perform what are called “karmic timelines”, where they trace your own unique individual path, as they see it… from the beginning in your life to the end of physical existence… and the transition into the next.

A good fortune teller is no different from a good psychic or medium or anyone especially gifted to see, sense or even become aware of important life events everyone else typically don’t. Last but not least, a good reading is fun, entertaining, enlightening and inspirational… and is a great way to celebrate a huge occasion or get excited about what your future holds, when you need a little lift!

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