Biology – A Study of All Aspects and Forms of Living Beings

Biology, a branch of science, is the study of life and its processes. It studies living things in all their aspects and forms.
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Biology covers a vast area, so, it has been divided into many sub divisions such as botany, algology, zoology, cytology, mycology and microbiology. All its branches have contributed to humanity in many ways such as improvements in agriculture, study of diseases etc.

By studying biology, students understand that life is all about interactions such as cells interact with their environment and with each other and so do ecosystems, organs and organisms.

Why Study Biology?

Here are some reasons to study biology:

• The study of Biology increases the understanding of the human body.

• It educates a student about all living beings, which helps in making the environment better for the future.

• With the knowledge of Biology one can understand the world and its natural processes in a better way.

• It teaches how different organs and systems work which helps in understanding how everything is connected in the body.

Study Tips for Biology

• To learn Biology, it is very important to learn its terminology. Biology can be tough if you don’t know all the terms. Whenever you don’t understand a word, make a note of it and look for the definition.

• Read Biology books and if you find them tough to comprehend you can also look for online biology help resources. Though reading by book is the best way to learn.

• Pay attention to the pictures. If you will understand a picture, the explanation given with it may also become very easy. So, don’t just ignore a picture thinking that it will only add some more minutes to your study time.

• After completing a topic, solve all questions, this will increase your understanding of the topic.

• Don’t study as if you have to just score the marks, be curious and interested to learn the topic.

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