Edible Flowers – Growing Flowers That Are Beautiful, As Well As Delicious

Having edible flowers on the dining table is not something new. For centuries, people have been using edible flowers as garnishes. However, often when you see a flower on serving tray, you do not know whether to eat it or leave it behind as decoration. In case you decide to eat the flower, you will be wondering how it will taste.

Fortunately, there are many flowers that can be consumed, either cooked or fresh. The only thing that you need to be aware of is that flowers should be eaten immediately after being harvested. So, it makes sense to grow your own edible flowers. Also, make sure that the flowers are really edible and not just meant to be a garnish. If you are using pesticides in your garden, then refrain from eating the flowers. Only consume those flowers that areorganically grown in your own garden.

Remember, edible flowers mean only eating the petals. Other flower parts like sepals, stamens and pistils should be removed. In order to consume flowers, harvest them early in the morning. If you do not intend to consume them immediately, then harvest the flowers with the stems. Keep the stems immersed in water.

Some of the delicious and uniquely-tasting edible flowers are as follows:

• Borage: This flower has a fragrance and taste like cucumber. The flower is bright eye-catching blue and can be added to salads to enhance the color. You can also use it to garnish other dishes and foods.
• Calendula: This flower can be eaten fresh or cooked. Its yellow or orange petals are often used to impart color to the food and are used as a substitute for saffron.
• Dandelion: Often discarded as a weed, this flower tastes delicious when consumed young and tender. You can also use the flowers to make a delicious wine.
• Daylily: May people are astonished to learn that daylilies can be consumed. In fact, you can stuff and prepare them exactly like squash blossoms.
• Nasturtium: Not only is this flower easy to grow, you will enjoy its unique peppery taste. It is excellent in salads and for infusing flavor to vinegars and vodka.
• Pansy: This is only flower where you can consume the petals, sepals, stamens and pistils without any fear. You will enjoy the minty taste of the flower, which is used to make candied decorations for cakes and other desserts.
• Squash blossoms: Flowers of all squashes are edible and you can make a delicious dish by stuffing the flowers with cheese and then frying them.
• Gem marigold: This is the only variety of marigold that can be eaten. It has a citrus flavor. However, make sure that you remove the bitter part of the flower before consuming the petals.

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