A Look At The Audio Technology Present On The HTC Sensation XE

HTC have launched a revamped version of their popular Sensation handset in the shape of the new Sensation XE. There is one particular feature on this new model which really does grab your attention and that is the new Beats Audio feature which effectively makes the phone the ultimate handset for enjoying your music.

Beats Audio is a new innovation designed to improve the quality of audio playback on portable devices. The problem with your average portable music player is that the headphones that come supplied can offer only a very limited frequency range. The frequency range relates to the whole audio spectrum that your ears can detect, from deep bass lines to high pitched vocals. The headphones supplied with the Sensation XE are engineered to deliver an extraordinary experience. This is especially noticeable on the lower frequency sounds which means for a variety of modern music the headphones are superb. There is an argument that the excellent depth present on this headset can drown out some styles of music such as classical but the type of consumer likely to use the Sensation XE is more likely to listen to the likes of House, Garage and Hip Hop music rather than Classical so this is no great issue. The headphones are an attractive black, red and silver finish and feature an in line remote control which enables you to adjust the volume and skip tracks without physically touching the handset.

The principal behind Beats Audio on the HTC Sensation XE does not only relate to the quality of headphones that are supplied but also the software built into the phone.
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This software detects when these headphones are connected and adjusts the output accordingly to enable the best possible sound to be heard. The phone also features the standard audio setting should you ever want to use the phones integral speakers but it is questionable how many people would actually do this when there is such a great alternative present. A nice feature is that the Beats Audio system is not only present on the music playback facility but also on the video player. This means that you could watch your favourite movies on the phones large screen and experience equally as impressive sound. A 3.5mm audio output is present on the phone which allows it to be easily connected to a home audio system in order to experience audio on an even bigger scale.

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