Mysteries and Secrets of Freemasonry

What is the origin of the Freemasons? Is their long history that trails back for thousands of years just a series of fabricated stories? Or is this fraternity truly because ancient as they claim? Did it start with the ancient builders of the Forehead of Solomon? Did it have the roots or influence from Sufi mystics? Did they evolve through the Knights Templar? Or did this particular fraternity originate from the common guilds of Craftmasons of the Middle Ages?

There are many myths and claims in this elaborate background that supposedly goes back many thousands associated with years, although most practical thinkers and skeptics alike believe the Freemasons are only a few hundred years previous. Although their official modern time of establishment was in 1717 in England when the Grand Lodge of Britain was formed, their roots supposedly can be traced back much farther.

The origin of this enigmatic order is pretty ambiguous and shrouded in mystery, but the legends and myths have never yet died. For thousands of years there possess existed mystery schools of initiation, from one generation to the next, from one age to the next. Many of the early mystery customs influenced the latter-day mystery educational institutions, such as the ancient Egyptian esoteric teachings, Persian Mithraic mysteries, Greek mysteries, Hermeticism, Shamanism, Paganism, Druidism, Gnosticism, the Kabbalah, and Alchemy, to name a few.

Even Christianity had the mystery schools, beginning with the Essenes, the Jewish sect Jesus originated from. Various Gnostic groups sprouted up across the land from west in order to east, all across Europe and the Center East, and Russia, which ultimately became the land of the Orthodox Church. As the Christian Church grew, within a few centuries of its origin, its leaders circulated the claim that it was the true universal or “catholic” religious body that all people must submit to, for it denounced any perimeter cults not following its founded doctrine. Therefore , many such cultists and their groups were accused of heresy and they were profusely persecuted, and many were executed. Due to this, they soon went underground plus kept their Gnostic teachings a matter of extreme secrecy, very much the same way ancient mystery schools practiced. Small wonder this era of time was the Dark Ages. The Roman Catholic Church became the dominant drive across the land, snuffing out any kind of remnants of older religions or even cults that it could.
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And one more people lived in this “darkness” happens because only the clergy of the Church were literate, and pretty much no one else could read or write.

Among the sources behind the development of the Freemasons was supposedly the ancient Rex Deus families, as stated earlier, the secretive group of priestly families that continued the Gnostic initiatory teachings of Jesus while they privately infiltrated into various avenues of normal life, especially the particular religion of whichever land or empire they entered. Only recently provides this mysteriously group been uncovered – or perhaps it was simply fabricated or embellished as part of the elaborate Freemasonic histories. There are legends that claim that certain members of these peculiar households were direct descendents of Jesus and Mary Magdalene; hence the particular bloodline of Jesus was supposedly perpetuated. Of course this is one of the most controversial claims that the Roman Catholic Cathedral and other Christian churches blatantly denounce. But does anyone really understand the truth of the matter? They say in each and every lie there may be a grain associated with truth. So , what is the truth?

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