Sherlock holmes and Rationality in Modern Times

In July 2010, Mark Gatiss plus Steven Moffat’s spectacular new television series, Sherlock, aired in the UK. The three 90-minute episodes gave the public a much needed reminder of why Arthur Conan Doyle’s stories are so timeless, and why his greatest character continues to be a hero in modern times.

Benedict Cumberbatch takes up the legendary role, along with Martin Freeman in tow because Dr . Watson, and the pair are thrust into 21st century London, trying out their residence at 221B Baker Street. Holmes is infused with his usual intelligence, charm and charisma, and makes his deductions along with characteristic ease. The series really brings to light how rationality plus logic are still valid today, and shows how elements of Holmes’ personality can be of a benefit in the modern world.

Rationality, as Holmes displays throughout the classic stories and contemporary episodes, is much misunderstood in today’s world. Sherlock holmes himself comments in “A Study in Pink” (the first show of the BBC series, a play on the title of the first Holmes story A Study in Scarlet), “I am not a psychopath, Anderson, I am a high-functioning sociopath. ” This perception of the rational mind because cold, unemotional, and therefore somehow evil pervades into modern times, perhaps left over from society’s deeply irrational previous (even in Holmes’ time, brandy was used as something of the all-purpose cure by medical professionals). The truth, as Sherlock so elegantly reminds us, is that a logical mind, undeterred by emotional outcomes and well-schooled in deductive thinking, can accomplish a lot.

The sad truth is that in the modern entire world the general public’s irrationality is often manipulated. Whether it is a completely unjustified scare-story in a newspaper, politicians making unfeasible promises or pseudo-scientists trying to sell you homeopathic cures, people are trying to exploit a person all the time. Sherlock Holmes, thanks to his pitilessly rational mind, is able to see through secret as if it wasn’t there. If you are you looking for more regarding Modern Mystery School have a look at the web page.
His careful unpicking of the cipher in “The Blind Banker” (the second episode of the TV series, based freely on the Doyle story “The Journey of the Dancing Men”) serves as an ideal analogy. There are coded messages coming at you all the time, and just like Holmes, you have to make your own sense of them, and find out the truth behind the mystery.

Holmes makes these skills seem imaginary, but the truth is they are absolutely attainable. Rationality is as easy as asking questions, and thinking in terms of evidence, rather than conjecture. The original Holmes stories are beautifully-aged gifts to the student associated with rationality, and Sherlock presents them in a modern and humorous package. For additional information about Sherlock Holmes and rationality, observe Taz Rai’s eBook, The Art of Deductions.

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