Building Up A Full Collection Of Chalet School Books

The Chalet School series by Elinor Brent-Dyer seems to be one of the most popular college series. There were 62 books completely which is why it is so difficult to gather the whole set. There were also extra books and newsletters. Recently brand new authors have written ‘fill-in’ publications where they feel there should be additional information not provided by the author herself. Some of the books are extremely rare and a few paperbacks, even reprints can cost £30+ making some of the hardback 1st editions extremely valuable indeed.

Should you have started a collection or would like to You will find some tips for you. Firstly choose whether you wish to collect paperbacks, hardbacks or either and whether you need to get every title or just the particular series of books and not the newsletters, additional books and books by other authors. Once you have decided you will have to get together a list of these titles. Most of the more modern reprints carry a full listing of titles in the front and you can also look these up on various internet sites. I have included a list at the end of the content (It includes all of the original textbooks plus some additional ones. I know I possess missed some of the additional ones out).
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Now you need to know where to start looking for these types of books. EBay is an obvious selection but some of the rarer books are usually hard to find even on eBay and when they do appear it is easy to be outbid. However it is still worth looking plus listing on the ‘wants’ pages of eBay. There are other websites that sell second hand books but they do tend to be more expensive. Therefore I would tend to try looking in second hand bookshops, bookfairs and at charity book sales. You can sometimes pick up the titles slightly cheaper and you may also ask the dealers to buy copies for you and put them by for you. Girls Gone By post some of the out of print titles within unabridged paperbacks and some new authors who have written ‘fill-in’ books. These go out of print very quickly but you can usually find copies on eBay for a while. These are ideal if you are looking to fill gaps in your collection and do not mind how the books are a different size towards the originals. Other publishers of fill-in titles are Bettany Press and Troubador publishing.

If you want to, for example , see the whole series but also get a fine hardback collection, I would recommend buying any kind of title you see that you do not own. It may take a long time to get every book within hardback and you can always sell the paperback on eBay once you find a hardback version. You can also do this along with paperbacks if you want a particular cover style or if you want to replace some of your own tattier copies with neater ones.

Full List of Titles

Original collection by Elinor Brent-Dyer: The School at the Chalet, Jo of the Chalet College, The Princess of the Chalet School, The Head Girl of the Chalet School, Rivals of the Chalet School, Eustatia Goes to the Chalet School, The Chalet School and Jo, The particular Chalet School in Camp, The particular Exploits of the Chalet School, The Chalet School and the Lintons, A Rebel at the Chalet School, The brand new Houseat the Chalet School, Jo Returns to the Chalet School, The newest Chalet School, A United Chalet School, The Chalet School in Exile, The Chalet School on War, The Highland Twins on the Chalet School, Lavender Leigh at the Chalet School, Gay Lambert on the Chalet School, Jo to the Rescue, The particular Mystery at the Chalet School, Ben Tackles the Chalet School, The particular Chalet School and Rosalie, Three go to the Chalet School, The Chalet School and the Island, Peggy from the Chalet School, Carola Storms the Chalet School, The Wrong Chalet School, Shocks for the Chalet School, The Chalet School in the Oberland, New bride Leads the Chalet School, Adjustments for the Chalet School, Jey Goes to the Oberland, The Chalet School and Barbara, The Chalet University Does it Again, A Chalet Girl From Kenya, Mary-Lou of the Chalet School, A Genius at the Chalet School, Chalet School Fete, Problems for the Chalet School, The New Mistress at the Chalet School, Excitements at the Chalet School, The Coming of Age of the Chalet School, The Chalet College and Richenda, Trials for the Chalet School, Theodora and the Chalet School, Joey and Co in the Tirol, Ruey Richardson at the Chalet College, A Leader in the Chalet School, The particular Chalet School Wins the Trick, An upcoming Chalet School Girl, The Feud in the Chalet School, The Maison School Triplets, The Chalet College Reunion, Jane and the Chalet School, Redheads at the Chalet School, Adrienne and the Chalet School, Summer Word at the Chalet School, Challebge for that Chalet School, Two Samsat theChalet School, Althea Joins the Chalet School, Prefects at the Chalet Institution

Related Books: The Chalet Guide for Girls, The Second Chalet Book for females, The Third Chalet Book for Girls, Typically the Chalet Girls Cookbook, Chalet Institution Newsletters, Friends of the Chalet Institution Annuals.

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