Sorts of Diamond Shapes

There are a large amount of things that go into the pricing of a diamond. One of the most important aspects of a diamond both visually and monetarily is the cut. The cut describes the specific shape of the diamond and the reflective qualities that is contains. A well cut diamond is about to make a small diamond look larger, and can enhance the overall quality of the grade. Soon we will be taking you through in detail the actual cut of a diamond is, how diamonds are shaped and what designs that are available to purchase.

The Most Popular Diamond Styles

Some diamond shapes are a lot more popular than others. The most common diamond shape is probably the round brilliant. This diamond shape is famous for having ideal symmetry across the edges.
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This specific form is very popular, and due to its reputation has gone down in value. Additionally it is one of the easiest shapes to cut because it doesn’t leave a lot of waste item. Another popular cut is known as the fancy. A fancy cut is simply a variation of the round brilliant. The other most popular cuts include; pear, oblong, heart and princess. Due to the vividness of the round brilliant, these shapes tend to be more expensive.

Diamond cuts happen to be decided by looking at the stones first shape and then figuring out what reduce will ensure that it retains an affordable carat weight. By working across the initial shape of the stone, diamond cutters are able to minimize off-cuts to give the diamond a better value. This is an extremely important step in the cutting process, as carat weight is the most important factor when it comes to pricing.

Diamond Shaping And Price

As stated in the above paragraph, the carat weight is the most prominent method to establish the value of a diamond. Because different shapes may require the cutter machine to trim off sections of the particular diamond, the stone can drop worth. However , if the diamond is cut well, and retains the rest of the four c’s then the price can be increased. When buying diamonds it’s important to remember that a stone must function all of the properties of a good stone, not just the carat weight.

The Grading Report

There are two very well known companies that will provide a trimming service and grading report to your own diamond. These are the AGS plus GIA. They will cut a gemstone to the appropriate level, and will make sure that thorough and precise grading report is provided for the stone at the end. Depending on the shape and overall amount of cut, the diamonds grade can differ. They are usually graded on a scale associated with 0-10, with 0 being the best. If the cut is exceptionally good then the diamond could be awarded the triple 0.

When finding a gemstone it always important that you understand how shape can effect the overall price. It will help you make a more reasonable choice when deciding what specific shape to purchase.

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